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8 Best Meals You Need to Try When Visiting Dahab

Updated: Apr 30

Dahab is a super laid back town in South Sinai at the Red Sea in Egypt. Formerly, this magical place used to be a fishing village located approximately 75 km from Sharm-El-Sheik. Today it attracts a lot of divers, kiters and chillers providing them with perfect conditions and amazing vibes. However, this is not everything Dahab has to offer! The food here is seriously delicious because many restaurants are trying hard to set the bar high. I've listed my eight favourite foods I discovered since I'm staying here so you can enjoy Dahab even more during your visit.

1) Fried Chicken at Korean Fried Chicken- "KFC"

Ironically they called themselves "KFC" standing for Korean fried Chicken (but they don't have anything to do with Kentucky). It feels like a fancier fast food place sending you every time off into fried chicken heaven. I love their fried Chicken combo. The chicken comes in fresh every day and every combo is prepared especially for you every time. Therefore count in a 20 min wait but trust me, it will be worth it. This is some surprisingly outstanding fried chicken in Dahab. Combo price including french fries, coleslaw and 3 big pieces of chicken: 70 EGP (4,30 USD). They have a lot of different-sized combos.

Image from Korean Fried chicken FB page

2) Lamb Kebab at King Chicken

King Chicken is famous in Dahab for its traditional Egyptian food. All the important classics you'll get here; mashi, pigeon, Mulukhiyah and of course some great BBQ. As the name suggests they are known for their chicken however I've tried their lamb kebab (Egyptian kebab are big skewed chunks of meat on the grill) and it was absolutely amazing. The lamb was marinated with great skill and grilled to perfection. It's located in the middle of the market in Mashraba. The price of 250g lamb kebab including soup, thina and salad: 85 EGP (5,20 USD) and the quarter chicken meal deal costs 55 EGP (3,30 USD). I've also been told that their Mulukhiya is one of the better ones in the city. It's a delicious green Egyptian soup with lots of garlic.

BBQ platter, source King Chicken Facebook

3) Duck Curry at The Kitchen Restaurant

Next on our list is the Asian classic “The Kitchen Restaurant”. Recently they also added a Chinese menu but they kept my favourite red duck curry. You can pick between chicken, shrimp, beef and duck and the colour of the curry. On top of that they have some decent classic stir fried dishes and a good hot and sour soup. They are not the most authentic Thai restaurant but they do everything with lots of love and dedication. On top of that it's located on the promenade after the bridge making it super fun to sit there and observe all the people passing by on the small square across Everyday Cafe. The curry with duck costs 140 EGP (8,40 USD). They also have pretty sick fried ice cream.

4) Pizza at Athanor Pizzeria

I love Athanor for their reliability and for their pizza. Their pizza is always good, they prepare it always fast and the restaurant is open until late. If pizza is not your thing they will also satisfy you with good pastas, burgers and salads. They also seem to know their coffee game. You can buy pretty good coffee to take away as well. It has a cute little garden in the back, it's close to the lighthouse, this place is simply a winner. I normally treat myself with the four cheese pizza. Thankfully they don't save on gorgonzola cheese. The price of a pizza is around 70 EGP (4,30 USD).

5) Bortsh at Red Cat

Bortsh is a Ukrainian red beet meat soup with cabbage. The red cat is a Russian restaurant right across from Athanor serving food of amazing quality. They have a Russian menu containing homemade pelmeni, vareniki and many other Russian/Ukrainian classics. The bortsh I tried here is one of the best I had in my life. On top of that they also have an international menu serving really good pizza and many more goodies. I really love this place however they keep bumming me out about their irregular opening hours. Half of the times I'm coming here they are already closed, or still closed, or have never been open. The prices are for a big portion of bortsh 80 EGP and pelmeni 80 EGP (4,80 USD each).

6) Hamburger at Laziz

This cute little burger joint will satisfy every burger craving coming upon you. "Laziz" means tasty in Arabic and they are keeping their promise. They only serve different burgers with fries. Simple but does the job. It's a one-man-operation close to the lighthouse. Also while you wait for your burger you are welcome to draw on their walls. A single cheeseburger is around 50 EGP and a double around 90 EGP (3USD and 5,40 USD), fries are extra.

Photo from Laziz FB page

7) Abo Ahmed Falafel

There are two branches of Abo Ahmed in Dahab. One at the light house where the taxis are and another one in Asala. An Egyptian falafel is a small pita or a bigger flat bread into which they roll the sandwich. You can choose your toppings out of falafel, grilled and marinated eggplant, different kinds of cheeses, baba ganoush, deep fried vegetables, fries and mashed potatoes. Then you can top your beauty with tahini and salad if you like. It's the ultimate snack for a proud price...wait for it....7,5 EGP (0,45 USD) for the big sandwich. It's elementary fast food for the hungry. I'm usually getting it on my way to the beach. The bigger branch in Asala also has hawawshi which are totally worth mentioning. It's a grilled pita filled with minced meat and spices.

8) Fish and seafood platter at Nemo Restaurant

Fish and seafood is a big topic in Dahab. Although the Red Sea is outrageously overfished every restaurant on the promenade offers "fresh" fish. When choosing fish you should look for the ones with clear eyes and bright coloured gills. This usually means that it was really caught recently. Many restaurants display stiff fish with cloudy eyes meaning they were frozen before or are not really "the catch of today". When passing by Nemo Restaurant I noticed every time that their fish selection looks really fresh. Not even one tired fish on the table. After ordering a selection of fish, tiger shrimp and lobster I wasn't gonna be disappointed. It was amazing quality as well as great preparation (in the past I got often overcooked rubbery lobster and shrimp because it was grilled too long). Nemo nailed all of it. The service was also very friendly and helpful. A small lobster, two tiger shrimps and a small fish cost me 360 EGP (22 USD). They also had white wine.

This restaurant is located on the second floor in an apartment overlooking the sea at the lighthouse. It has an adorable open kitchen with exactly one cook. The menu is written on a chalkboard featuring an interesting range of meat, fish and chicken dishes. This might be also the only place in Dahab serving pork dishes such as pork ribs. A lot of his dishes also have an Asian twist to them. I went here a couple of times and always had a good experience therefore I decided to feature it in this post although I cannot decide upon one favourite dish. I tried their descent double cheese burgers (130 EGP / 7,80 USD) and the great Crispy Ginger and Chilli fish (180 EGP / 10,90 USD).

hell's kitchen dahab menu

Tell me about your favourite meals in Dahab. I will go check them out and hopefully will write a second part of this post.

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