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Best Value Happy Hours for Food and Booze in Tel Aviv

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

My favourite city in the world is a pricey place. With low wages and expensive taste in food and alcohol it's hard to come by in Tel Aviv. Since years I'm looking for the best value deals and now is the time I will share them with you. I'm not talking about regular 1+1 happy hours in bars but places I really enjoy going regularly because they keep up a high quality standard, attract great crowd and are affordable (on certain days).

Drinks and Food

Denim - 1+1 from 18:00 - 21:00 with special price food menu

From all the hundreds of standard Tel Aviv Happy hour bars for some reason I like this one. They have a quite nice choice of wines and very affordable bar food which is rather on the interesting side. They also allow 1+1 Happy Hour on bottles. Come early since it tends to get pretty packed around 19:30/20:00.

King George St 83, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Guga Cafe Food and Wine - wine flat rate on Thursdays

This Happy hour is hard to believe. The owner Guga of this incredibly cute neighbourhood cafe close to the Rabin square offers flat rates on her impressive wine list on Thursdays. Her wine list features Chablis, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as well as in absolutely mind-blowing Rose. You can pair your wine with great cheeses and other attractive snacks which will not protect you from the next day's hangover.

Zeitlin St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Minzar - no happy hours but very fair prices

Minzar is an institution and the extension of my living room. It has always very fair prices on drinks and food and therefore allows itself not to have a Happy Hour. On Friday it changes its entire menu and serves special dishes for higher rates however mostly very good food. In the evenings and Friday noon it tends to get packed. It attracts rather bohemian crowd and it's open 24h.

Allenby St 60, Tel Aviv-Yafo


El Vecino - Wine flat rates on Sundays

This is a wine bar dropped into the Old north of Tel Aviv right next to the HaYarkon Park. It specialises on Israeli boutique wines paired with regular but well executed tapas-style dishes. On Sundays it offers a wine flat rate on house wine for 69 NIS and on boutique wines for 99 NIS. In the pricier flat rate you can order every wine they have on their list. Beware! It can fuck up your week.

Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 192, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Chataeu Cheval - 1+1 Happy hour on food and wine from Sun - Thu till 18:00 - 20:00

This wine bar on the Rabin Square has a very extensive wine list. However, they offer their Happy hour only on open wines which are quite descent. On top you also enjoy a 1+1 on their simple dishes pairing with the wine. It's romantic and cozy with a cute outdoor seating area making it a great date location on the quieter side of the Square.

Malkhei Yisra'el St 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Diner by the Goocha - Steak night on Sundays

Besides the burger 1+1 happy hour the diner is offering during the week; they have an amazing value steak night on Sundays. A steak of your choice, with a side and an alcoholic drink for 105 NIS. The quality of the meat here is very good and they also have an amazing organic red house wine for 24 NIS which is not on the menu ;). If you got the munchies then come after midnight and they take another 20% off your bill.

Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo

M25 - Bring your own booze and no corking fee

The real deal in the Carmel market restaurant is that you can bring as much of your booze as you want and these guys won't charge you a corking fee. They even welcome the fact that you bring your own stuff. The meat is impeccable as well coming from an organic beef farm in the Golan Hights. Also this place has the best Arais (raw kebab stuffed into a pita and grilled) in town.

Simtat HaCarmel 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Dalida - 50% off the food menu Sun-Thursday from 17:00 - 19:30

Not many chef restaurants give happy hours on their food; even less who serve great food. Dalida does. The portions are medium sized and great for sharing, many of their dishes are memorable and unique. Their booze is a bit pricey though. It's located in Florentine.

Zevulun St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Joz and Loz - pay as much as you want

This place on the outskirts of the Florentine district is not really a cheap deal however they implement the motto of 'pay how much you want' and this is the reason why I included them into this list. The food is outstanding and the attitude is profound. Here you can also bring your own drinks and pay at the end as much as you see fit.

Gvulot St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Bars with weekend Happy hours

***I'm not gonna provide you here with typical TLV Happy hour bars list. There are hundreds of lists like that in the internet therefore I didn't see any value in that. However, I love the fact that the following bars also offer Happy hours on the weekends (which most of the bars don't). In addition, I really like going there and love the crowd.

Foster - Friday from 20:00 - 22:00 with special price menu

The Foster is definitely the coolest bar North of Frishman street. It's this dark, hidden and smoky neighbourhood place which is open also sometimes until 4 am during the week (so I heard...). It has a special price menu which is similar to a 50% discount on drinks - also on Fridays. During the week days the Happy hour is from 18:00 - 20:30.

Shlomo ha-Melekh St 38, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Silon - Friday and Saturday from 18:00-20:00 1+1 happy hour

This tiny and popular bar has also something bohemian and alternative. It's right next to the Dizengoff Center on King George street with seating area outside as well nicely looking bar snacks. I haven't actually been there in forever but I remember 1+1 on bottles.

King George St 89, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Salon Berlin - everyday from 12-22:30 1+1 happy hour

Everyone knows about this father and mother of happy hours. This bar is basically always on Happy Hour; also on weekends during the day. The cheap drinks come with a price though. You need to be patient with the service. Sometimes it takes very long. They've also worked on the bar food menu and actually serve some descent things and fine pizza for fair prices.

Najara St 15, Tel Aviv-Yafo


***For me there are basically only these four bars serving descent cocktails. I feel the rest of the 'cocktail bars' don't really know what they are doing unfortunately. This is why they don't need to try hard in attracting lots of customers because their drinks are the bomb!

Imperial bar and La Otra - Sun - Thu 18:00 - 20:00

These guys serve the best cocktails in town. There is no doubt about it and they also got an award for it. These two places are situated in an absolutely ordinary hotel from the 90s which makes this entire experience even weirder. Some guy decided to pimp their family hotel and simply open the best cocktail bar in the middle east. Easy peasy. After the Happy Hour ends their prices hurt in the pockets.

HaYarkon St 66, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Bellboy - Sun - Thu 18:00 - 20:00

The bell boy is more extravagant. They invest much more into amazing presentation and show of their drinks. The drinks are excellent same as the interior of the bar where you feel like in a speak-easy bootlegging bar from the 20s. They have a pretty cool brunch on Fridays and a private room called 'the butler' where you can host private events.

Berdyczewski St 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6425813

Bellboy, photocredit to

223 - Sun - Thu 18:00 - 20:00

It was probably the first descent cocktail bar in the City and definitely the best cocktails you can have in the North. They simply hold their bar for ages and continue to pull crowd with their delicious drinks and awesome snacks. They've also invested quite a bit into their interior making it a very nice experience to sit at the bar.

Dizengoff St 223, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Nostalgic Bonus

Cheers Florentine - Tuesdays 1+1 Happy hour the whole night

I simply had to include the bar I've spend million of hours during my 20s. The Cheers in Florentine. Why do I love it? It's a real Rock Bar with great music, a pool table and Happy hour every day until 22:00. On Tuesday they have Happy hour the whole night and it tends to get crowded. The rest of the week it's rather on the less busier side.

Chayim Vital St 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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