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Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Hey, my name is Alissa and I am starting this blog Alissa Avocado about food, wine, travel and my life journey. I am 31 years old and decided to quit my job and to embark on a big adventure which is going to change my life forever. I want to position my favorite hobbies; food and travel into the center of my life and attention.

If I needed to summarize the last year in one word: insane. I went through the most intense emotional, spiritual and physical change since I can remember which eventually pushed me to come up with the courage to make such a radical decision. However, let me go a little bit back in order to start to tell the story...

I moved 9 years ago to Israel and live in Tel Aviv since then. I have a wonderful intense life here, I met my soul mates and I consider this my new home. I was born in Ukraine and when I was 3 my parents fled the Soviet Union and passed the Berlin wall in '91 where we lived for 13 years on refugee status until we received the German citizenship. I went to school in Berlin and left when I was 19 to do my undergraduate degree in Basel, Switzerland.

Basel became my home for 3 and a half very eventful and amusing years while I studied economics and media studies in the University of Basel. However, after I finished I strongly felt I needed a change in my life because Switzerland did not align with my rebellious temper. :) I needed to break out of Europe.

I went traveling after university and ended up for three months in Israel. I immediately fell in love with this place. My jewish background enabled me to apply for Israeli citizenship, which I did straight away. I loved everything about it. It wasn't organized, it was vibrant, the people were full of passion and I finally felt home and belonging.

After learning the language for a while and doing a Masters in Government I got recruited to a startup called (a website builder platform this website is also built with) to the marketing department which became my home and family for the following 6 years. I can't even put in words how much I learned here, what amazing people I met and how I appreciate every moment I spend in this magical organization.

After 5 years in the company I turned 30 and treated myself with a 3 months long unpaid vacation. Firstly, I went to Nepal and trekked to the Everest Base Camp for 12 days. After that I traveled Japan mostly by myself. From there I went to Ethiopia to trek in the Simien Mountains and lastly I went to Brazil and enjoyed the beautiful beaches and Caipirinhas. Yes, this is such a crazy route and it doesn't make sense at all. It happened as a result of interviewing my traveling buddies and asking them where they wanna go. These were the countries they wanted. I adjusted my plans and it worked out perfectly. The trip was crazy, I loved every destination. I might elaborate about parts of the trip in future blog posts.

When I came back I understood I needed a change in my life. In the beginning I was very confused and wasn't able to identify what I needed to change but the change was calling loudly. So this is when I decided that I will give myself a year (until June 2018) in order to figure it out slowly. At this point I am 5 months into the "thinking process" and I understood a couple of things already:

1) I don't want to keep my job and I gave already in December 2017 notice that I will leave around summer 2018 after 6 years in

2) I want to deal with food and wine. This is my passion and I want to try to give it the space it deserves in my life.

3) I need a break from Israel. Sometimes you need to redefine your love for something by distancing yourself from it.

4) I want to be closer to my family at least for a while (my parents live in Spain and my brother lives in Berlin).

5) I want to travel. There is nothing more fun.

Since I have another 7 months to go all these things are open for change. Nobody knows what will happen. I am full of excitement and optimism paired with a little bit of fear. :) If you follow this blog than you will read about stories of previous travels, about culinary experiences and about what is going to happen in my life.

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